DAS42 provides fullstack data and analytics consulting.

We provide data engineering, data science, and analytics consulting that helps companies make better decisions faster.

The FullStack Philosophy

We believe that in order to deliver truly actionable insights from data, one team should own the complete flow of data - from the initial customer touchpoint through to a business-case, dashboard, or model. This is our FullStack Philosophy. We build each stage of your data pipeline with your analytical and business needs front-and-center and use state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to increase business results through higher quality decisions.

Our Services

Data Warehousing

Modern cloud-based technologies substantially reduce the total cost of ownership of implementing and running an analytical data warehouse. We leverage fully-managed on-demand platforms that require no infrastructure to manage while offering the ability to scale seamlessly with business needs. 


Modern Business Intelligence with Looker

We believe Looker is the best-in-class business intelligence tool. We are an advanced Looker partner. A key piece to our data strategy, developed over years of hard-won experience, is to delay data transformations until query time fully decoupling the data warehouse implementation and business definitions. Looker allows us to create standardized, modular, and re-usable metric definitions that can be deployed across multiple teams, reports, and analyses creating a holistic view of your business that you can trust.


Enterprise Data Strategy

Marry product usage data with financial and business data to create a holistic view of your customers, product, and business. Give data to everyone so that employees throughout the organization can ask and answer their own questions. Make data operational by delivering actionable insights quickly, allowing your team to take proactive steps to improve customer retention and increase revenue.


 DAS42 was born to bridge the gap between business and technology.

We are analysts first, engineers second. Our modern data strategy, developed while working at companies like Etsy and Jet, is based on how businesses actually use data. Our solutions empower your team with actionable insights and allow your company to make better decisions more quickly.


Eliminate Data Silos

 Building a reliable, useful, and scalable data platform that can capture and analyze the variety, volume, and velocity of data modern companies generate is the foundation to becoming a data driven business. Our unique architecture will give your data warehouse the flexibility to grow with your business for years to come.

Create a Holistic View of your Business

Stop having discussions about data and start having discussions with data. We reduce the time you spend talking about whether or not data is accurate by creating a standardized and centralized source of truth for your metrics and business definitions.

Reduce Time To Insight

Data is only as useful as the decisions it can impact. In the fast-paced world of high-growth technology companies the opportunity cost of late or delayed reports is extremely high. We create timely analytics that proactively inform strategic thinking and allow you to react to changing business and market dynamics is critical to today's competitive landscape.

Trusted by the largest brands and most innovative companies.

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We partner with best-in-class technologies at each layer of the stack, and are only partners with companies whose products we would use ourselves.


Founded in 2015, we are a fast-growing team of those rare individuals who have deep experience in all aspect of data and internet businesses. We're as comfortable in a terminal as we are in the board room. We bridge the gap between the technical and business teams, break down silos, and evangelize the use of data throughout organizations.

Nick Amabile

CEO & Principal Consultant


Nick has held senior roles in analytics and business intelligence at four eCommerce companies including at Jet.com during hyper-growth and at Etsy through their IPO. Before that, he worked at NERA Economic Consulting where he assisted in econometric analysis and statistical programming in anti-trust litigation for Fortune 500 companies.

Consultants & Associates


Kalin Lundquist

Senior Analytics Consultant

Colin Pistell

Analytics Consultant

Teresa Kovich

Analytics Consultant

Jenny Eaves

Associate Analytics Consultant

Jessica Chen

Associate Analytics Consultant

Ben Rencher

Associate Analytics Consultant

Sukhbat Lkhagvadorj

Associate Analytics Consultant

Erik Edelmann

Associate Analytics Consultant

Shuyan Zhou

Associate Analytics Consultant

Terence Leung

Associate Analytics Consultant

Joey Bryan

Associate Analytics Consultant

Holly Grodsky

Associate Analytics Consultant

Nevin Jiang

Associate Analytics Consultant

Jake Klein

Associate Analyst

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